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Our parent company originally repaired cars with conventional paints until we realised the limitations of ordinary car paint when used to touch-up.

In our early years we adapted those ordinary car paints; however they are designed to spray as a thin film that dries quickly so it doesn’t run. Something better was needed. That’s what led to the development of Du Magic’s Paint Gel. It doesn’t run and simply wipes smoothly inside the damage, just like icing a cake, preventing all those ugly blobs, lumps and bumps.

Du Magic has produced a range of innovative paint repair products, all based on the philosophy of ensuring low cost, easy to do, high quality and long lasting car paint repairs.

Originally our products were only for use by Paint Repair Professionals who undertook extensive specialised training. Now with Du Magic Paint Gel, a professional quality repair can be achieved by everyday people by following our simple step-by-step instructions.

Du Magic is for use by car owners, car cleaners and car salespeople.

The Du Magic System

Du Magic GelDu Magic Paint Gel is our flagship gel paint touch up system, designed to repair chips and scratches on most cars and motor vehicles.

Du Magic Paint Gel is patent pending gel paint.

Du Magic GlossDu Magic Extra Gloss is a brilliant gloss finish to quickly take Du Magic Paint Gel repairs to an even higher shine. This is particularly useful on very dark colors.

The Du Magic Gel Color Range

With Du Magic Paint Gel, you do not need a 100% perfect color match to achieve brilliant repairs.

Unlike regular paint repairs where an exact color is needed, the adhesion properties of Du Magic Paint Gel enable it to fit exactly into the damage area which means even a similar color gel produces superb results for repairing small chips and scratches.

Du Magic Paint Gel comes in over 130 different colors to suit most vehicles. Even hard to find silvers and pearls can be repaired using Du Magic Paint Gel. Of course, as new colors come onto the market, we review our range to determine if we need to add colors to the range.

Choosing the Right Color

We've made it easy for you to choose the colors you need. Use our color choosing tool to pick the correct color in just three steps. It's easy.

Just decide if you need metallic or solid paint, then choose a basic color group, refine your choice by choosing a Du Magic Gel color in that group. Try it now by clicking on the image to the right...

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